Boost your immunity with Ayurveda | Safety and prevention tips during the pandemic.

Every news channel seems to be talking nonstop about the pandemic and the illness caused by this new virus. The question of the hour is how can we take care of our physical and mental well-being amid this crisis while staying indoors.

Ayurveda recommends some great immunity-boosting practices through the medium of herbs, pranayama, and yoga but it is also important to follow the WHO guidelines at the same time. We should not forget that the cure and vaccination to fight this has not yet developed. During this pandemic here are a couple of Dr. Gupta recommended measures and Ayurveda prevention tips:

1. Include immunity-boosting herbs in your diet

When it comes to Ayurveda there is a term coined for the immune system called Ojas. It is fine vital energy, concentrated in the heart chakra. When the health of a man gets weaker, this is a sign that the Ojas energy in the body has decreased. When the Ojas level is low, people are vulnerable to various virus infections and susceptible to illnesses such as ulcers, even cancer.

Ayurveda believes that negative emotions also can be a reason for Ojas decreasing and Chakra imbalance. And in fact, weakening of the immunity can be caused by various negative emotions, psychological tension, stress, excessive use of antibiotics, metabolic disorders, unhealthy way of living, or genetic factors.

It is important to highlight that unhealthy food which is mainly junk and processed items, especially these containing refined sugar, reduces the ability of the cells to cope with the viral infections. Good health is a sign that our immune system works properly.

According to Ayurveda, our is also the medicine there are multiple herbs which if taken properly can help unleash our body’s healing potential. Here is a list of herbs and methods of preparation of the concoction.

Herbs required:

Saunth (Dry Ginger powder)
Kali Mirch(Black pepper)
Pippali (Piper longum)
Sat Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia)

Mix all herbs in equal measure and prepare the formulation. Take 1/2 tsf twice a day of the formulation with water to improve your immunity against any Virus.

As a bedtime ritual make sure to drink a glass of warm milk with Haldi (Turmeric) before sleeping.

2. Wash your hands frequently

The easiest and one of the most effective measures to prevent the spread of this virus and to keep everyone healthy is Hand hygiene.
Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading it to others. The guidance for effective handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer was developed based on data from a number of studies. Washing hands with soap and water is one of the cheapest forms of COVID-19 control, and also one of the most effective. You can also clean your hands by rubbing them with an alcohol-based formulation. Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

3. Strengthen your lung tissue with Pranayama

Did you know? Taking daily mindful deep breaths helps to balance the nervous system, reinforces the respiratory system, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and can even help activate the lymphatic system, which in turn plays a major role in immune function.
You can fortify your Immune system against Corona Virus with Pranayam. Bhastrika Pranayama or Bellows Breathing Technique is the practice to keep the lungs healthy, robust, and in proper functioning condition.

There are multiple benefits of Pranayama:

◉Favorable effect on the respiratory and digestive system.
◉Drains excess phlegm from the lungs.
◉Oxygenates the blood increasing the vitality of all the organs and tissues
◉Energizes the entire body and mind.
◉It helps in strengthening the Lung tissue and in reducing fibrosis.

4. Practice social distancing

Around the world, public officials are asking people who have contracted or been exposed to the new coronavirus to practice social distancing, quarantine or isolation measures in an effort to slow disease’s spread.

Social distancing means keeping a safe distance (approximately 6 feet) from others and avoiding gathering spaces such as schools, churches, concert halls, and public transportation.

Quarantine involves avoiding contact with others if a person has been exposed to coronavirus to see if they become ill.
It is also important to take care of your mental and to remember social distancing is more of physical distancing and not emotional distancing. Keep practicing kindness and gratitude.

5. Disinfect and create your own sanitizer

With the help of Ayurveda and herbs you can make your own natural Hand Sanitizer at home that too with just 3 ingredients. For this, you would require Kapoor (Camphor), Sat Ajwain (Thymol) and Sat Pudina (Crystals extracted from peppermint oil).
Take one portion Camphor and half portion each of Sat Ajwain and Sat pudina.
Prepare the concoction by mixing the crystals of all three herbs. It will take a liquid form and one drop of this sufficient for use.

6. Keep your body moving

When the world around us is feeling chaotic, it's important to reflect and practice gratitude, to notice the emotions and the feelings that are coming up in the body. Yoga and Pranayama are excellent for physical and mental well-being. Did you know? The brain is not only a powerful organ but it is also a very flexible organ, whose structure and organization can be influenced by external factors and altered through a number of activities and it is possible to grow new neurons at any age. Practice Yoga and various stretching exercises to keep your body moving. Every once in awhile limit the amount of news that you consume and practice mindfulness. You can check out a step by step guided meditation video here

6. Keep your body moving

Yoga is one of the most effective and time-tested natural immunity boosters that we can incorporate in our lives to say goodbye to diseases. It is an ancient art that strengthens the body's core and also relaxes the mind. One such form of immunity-boosting yoga is Akshay Yoga.
This helps in removing AAM(Toxins) from our body and boosts Ojas(immunity).

◉ The first step is to lie flat comfortably on your back.
◉ Rest your arm on each side of your body keep your fists closed.
◉ Take deep breaths and try to make synchronization between your body and the breathing pattern.
◉ Practice Moola Bandha also is known as the Root lock is a yoga technique that contains, and then channels the energy-related to mula-dhara chakra.
Squeeze all the perineum muscles and the hold that where you feel comfortable. As you maintain the tension, continue deep breathing smoothly and slowly.
◉ While inhaling keep your feet pointed outwards. Stretching your feet outwards will improve blood supply to muscles of the legs and also help in managing Varicose veins, DVT and muscular cramps.

When you practice Akshay Yoga it helps in building immunity, you get to see the Divine in everything, with concentration, composure, and detachment.

Posted On :

03 April 2020

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