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Of course, if you’re wearing a suit, you don’t want to strap on some furry pair of arctic moon boots and completely ruin your look.

You also don’t want something that won’t stand up to the elements. So what you need is a great leather boot that’s sturdy, but with the low profile and clean lines that work seamlessly with a dressier wardrobe. From classic brogues to waterproof Chelseas, here are 10 winter-ready boots that will look amazing with a suit.

  • Polished and put-together enough for any suited-and-booted look
  • Polished and put-together enough for any suited-and-booted look
  • Perfect if you want something that’s in the vein of a work boot

A military-style boot is great for winter—dress it up with a suit during the week, and feel free to wear it with jeans on the weekend. For the guy who won’t let winter stop him from wearing Chelsea boots.This is an advanced move, but if you want to add a little edginess and you’re feeling confident, it’s tough to beat a Doc Martens 8-eye.

Made in England, so you know they can handle foul weather. They’re also shearling-lined for warmth. A traditional leather boot but with an apres ski vibe. It might not be the thing for your next big meeting, but it’ll look great with a casual suit with a good bit of texture.

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