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About Dr Gupta

Mr. Gajinder Singh first came to us 8 years ago, after his two Bypass procedures with three stents he lost appetite and sleep. He had very little energy left which made it difficult for him to carry out day to day activities.
Then Ayurveda changed his life, watch him share his journey with Ayurveda and Dr. Gupta. Don't let your symptoms keep you from enjoying the little things. It’s extremely humbling to hear from a happy patient.

About Dr Gupta

Dr. Gupta worked on a combination of herbal and Yoga procedures and here is the healing progress with Ayurveda & Akshay Yoga.
We as humans have the ability to change our lifestyle and habits
which can help us avoid diseases.. Ayurveda recognizes the source of diseases & treats them from the level of origin.
With the help of Ayurveda you can reverse Diabetes naturally.

About Dr Gupta

Dark circles are caused by factors like not getting a full night’s sleep, a poor diet or mental stress. Ayurveda can play a huge role in treating and lightening the dark circles. When we work on Immunity management, treatment of every disease is possible.

About Dr Gupta

Dr. Gupta worked on a personalized Ayurveda diet recommendation along with Herbal treatment and Akshay Yoga with the help of which the patient was able to lower the creatinine levels and bloor urea and thus improved the overall health and well-being.

About Dr Gupta
About Dr Gupta


" I humbly submit my sincere gratitude to Dr. Bhupinder Gupta.I got relieved from rheumatoid arthritis with Ayurveda treatment"

Gurdeep Singh

" Yoga & Ayurveda treatment from Dr. Gupta helped me to cure my joint pains of which I was suffering for the last 7-8 years and I've made a remarkable recovery. Special Thanks. "

Harsimrat Kaur

" I can recommend Dr. Gupta’s remedies with selflessness. With them, I have been successful in improving metabolism and controlling my diabetes. "

Sachin Garg

" I've struggled with stress and anxiety from the past couple of years. Ayurveda & Pranayam treatment by Dr. Gupta helped me to overcome stress and back pain. "

Harish Goyal

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